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Tape Dispenser & Rewinding Machine

QiChang’s Tape dispenser machines are specifically designed to add value to production lines. As managers look for ways to reduce waste and manage more volume with an equal or reduced workforce, QiChang produces machines that help make businesses more profitable and efficient.

Automatic Tape dispenser machines are best suited for repetitive taping applications and are available in either a battery powered or electric dispenser that can handle a wide variety of tapes. These dispensers are designed to increase operator productivity and reduce material costs by dispensing tape at a consistent length. They also accept virtually any type of tape and provide straight cuts for a better looking end product.

QiChang dealing on manufacturing and exporting different types of tape slitting rewinding machine. A genuine specialized supplier of tape rewinding machine. We manufactures, exports & supplies of tape rewinding machine with high quality to meet client’s requirement. Our machines are designed with wide range of quality for long lasting heavy duty process, specially for Slitting/Cutting in different sizes from 12 mm.